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Cheshire Oak Bowmen

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Privacy Policy

Cheshire Oak Bowmen take your privacy seriously. The following policy details how we handle your data.

  • What information we collect about you, why and how it is used:

When you join Cheshire Oak Bowmen as a member, or register for a beginner’s course, we will collect such data as your name, date of birth, telephone number(s), email address and your NFAS (National Field Archery Society) membership number. This is to enable us to provide you with a club membership card, process or check your membership with our governing body, ensure you comply with insurance requirements, issue important notices and notify next of kin in the event of an accident, or of you falling ill.

We may also pass medical information detailed on your NOK (Next Of Kin) form to the emergency services.
By becoming a member or enrolling in a beginners course and providing this information on the appropriate form implies your consent, as without it we cannot process your membership or beginners registration.

Additionally, we may wish to take photographs and publish your name on our web site, on social media, in club meeting minutes and in newsletters when we announce results or news.

We may also email you with information about club merchandise, member / club updates and events, external archery events and information. To do this we need your consent. You may withdraw your consent at any time by contacting the club secretary.

  • How your data is collected, where it is stored and for how long:

Your data will be collected by you completing a form for a beginner’s course, membership form, a Next Of Kin form and entrance to competitions and events.

Your data may be stored as hard copy (paper), as data files on a password protected computer and cloud storage. Only relevant committee members have access to your data. Ex-committee members are required to hand back or delete items of personal data that they possess.

If you become a member, your data will be held for five years from the time you cease to be a member. If you complete a beginner’s course, but do not become a member, your data will be retained for three years. At the end of these periods your data will be destroyed by shredding paper copies and deleting computer files.

We do not collect any data from our web site.

  • Who your data is shared with:

Your data is confidential and only shared with our governing body (NFAS). The NFAS have their own privacy policy.